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Our studio is based in the South of the Netherlands and consists out of two rooms. The ground floor room serves as a reference room and is fitted with various playback equipment and monitors for referencing draft recordings. It also has a kitchen and a sitting area.

The basement room serves as the main studio room and is equipped with a combination of digital and analogue recording equipment. We record music using a combination of outboard gear and plugins running via our Mac Pro.

Besides the main Mac console we also have a second PC for mastering purposes, with a second set of monitors and Steinberg Wavelab in combination with various plug-ins for mastering, including Waves, Oxford and SPL.

The following gear is available in the studio:

Mixing desks / recording
Tascam DM3200 (48 channels, for mixdown and recording)
Tascam DM24 (32 channels, for location recording, live sound and mixdown)
Mackie Onyx 1640 (16 channels analog, for location recording and live sound)
Alesis HD24 recorders (3x) + Alesis BRC + Alesis LRC
M-Audio ProFire 2626 firewire computer interface (26 channels in/out)
Apple Mac Pro, 2x Intel Xeon processor / 16 gig RAM / Logic Pro 9

B&W Nautilus 805
KRK RoKit RP8 active nearfields
Philips MFB544 and MFB541 active speakers
Jamo Studio Monitor model 70 nearfields  (Yamaha NS10 copy, sounds similar)
Sennheiser HD25 headphones
Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones
Stax SR202 electrostatic earspeakers

Monitor amps:
Quad 606
Quad 405
Quad 303 (2x)
Quad II class A valve amps

Compression / channelstrips:
ART Pro VLA II tube optical compressor
ART Voice Channel (vocal strip with class A tube pre-amp)
DBX 1066 VCA compressor
DBX 166XL VCA compressor
Focusrite Voicemaster (vocal strip with class A transistor pre-amp, optical compressor)
Focusrite Tonefactory (instrument strip with class A transistor pre-amp, optical compressor)
Tascam TA1-VP (vocal processor with mic modeling, compressor, de-esser and AutoTune)
TC-Electronic Triple C stereo multiband compressor
TC-Electronic Triple C single channel multiband compressor (2x)
Tech21 – SansAmp RPM (instrument channel strip, especially for bass and acoustic guitars)

Presonus Bluetube pre-amp/DI/tube overdrive (4 channels)
SPL Charisma tube processor
SPL Vitalizer mk2 psycho-acoustic eq
Digitech DSP256 XL multi FX
Yamaha SPX990 multi FX
Yamaha ProR3 reverb (3x)
Yamaha REV100 multi FX
TC-Electronic M-One multi FX

Mastering and equalization:
Steinberg Wavelab with various plug-ins for mastering (incl. Oxford, Brainworkx, Waves, SPL)
XTA DP200 digital equalizer/speaker processor 2 in/4 out
Behringer DEQ2496 digital equalizer
Yamaha Q2031 graphic equalizer 31-bands 1/3 octave (2x)
Studer B77mkII HS (15ips half-track) tape recorder with DBX-I NR  (2x)

1x AKG D112 (bass instruments)
1x AKG Perception 200 (large diaphragm condenser mic)
2x Audix OM6  (for vocal use)
1x Audix OM5  (for vocal use)
1x Audio Technica ATM650  (instruments, snare/guitar)
2x Beyerdynamic M201  (allround instrument mic)
2x Beyerdynamic M420  (snare/toms/hihat/ride/overhead/leslie speaker)
3x Beyerdynamic M422  (snare/toms/hihat/ride)
1x Beyerdynamic M640  (snare/toms/hihat/ride)
1x Beyerdynamic M99    (large membrane dynamic mic, allround use)
1x CAD Equitek 100       (first model, large diaphragm condenser mic)
2x Electro-Voice N/D767a  (vocal and instrument mic)
1x Electro-Voice N/D967    (vocal and instrument mic)
1x Philips EL6031 (vintage dynamic for bluesharp f.e.)
1x Røde M2 (small diaphragm condenser vocal mic and instruments)
2x Røde NT1A  (large diaphragm condenser mic)
1x Røde NTK valve mic (large diaphragm condenser mic)
1x Sennheiser e602 (bass instruments)
4x Sennheiser e604   (for toms)
1x Sennheiser e606   (instruments)
1x Sennheiser e609   (instruments)
3x Sennheiser e614   (small diaphragm condensor mic for instruments)
1x Sennheiser e903   (snare/percussion)
2x Sennheiser e906   (instruments, guitar and great for toms)
3x Sennheiser K3 + ME80 shotgun capsule + ME40 capsule
1x Shure Beta91  (small diaphragm condensor mic for bassdrum)
1x Shure Beta58  (vocals/instruments)
3x Shure SM57    (instruments)
1x Studio Projects C1 (large diapgragm condenser mic)